Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Forgot!!!

I am so forgetful. The other day when I posted my blog about studying the Bible. I forgot to mention the number one thing you should use when studying the Bible. And the number one thing, is that you should pray that God helps you to understand it. You may not understand it all and sometimes God may not want you to understand something until you are faced with something in your life. But in time God will show you what he wants you to understand and he might reveal something that will give you a blessing when you need one. So always remember to PRAY!!!

Also I wanted to do this yesterday and you guessed it, I forgot. I wanted to post a link to my cousin's blog. She posted a powerful video the other day and I wanted to share it. Here is the link to that blog... Babbling Balderdash.

And then another thing I forgot. I didn't mention in my studying the Bible post, that my cousin Jonathan gave me his Rainbow Study Bible and I had been wanting one. So last year he gave it to me and I really enjoy it. Thanks Jonathan!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shameless plug! LOL

You're right...the best thing to do when studying the Bible is to ask the Lord for wisdom and understanding.

However, I do think commentaries and dictionaries can give you some insight into what you're reading. As long as you use discernment and guidance from the Holy Spirit, study aids can be very valuable.