Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquake and Game Show!!!!

This morning was the first earthquake that I have ever been in. It was crazy, it woke me up and it only lasted a little while. Maybe 30 seconds to a minute. My mom actually thought it was the washing machine shaking the house. Then later on in the morning they told on the news that they had an earthquake in Illinois and we felt it in Kentucky. I also heard that people in Canada all the way down to Florida felt the earthquake.

Now on to the game show part. We have been watching this game show on The Game Show Network called Russian Roulette. I believe this is the scariest game show I have ever seen. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Next week I will be blogging about my favorite book in the world, THE BIBLE!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I used to love watching Russian Roulette. I have not watched GSN in a long time.

I slept through the quake. Jeremy was still awake and it woke Dad up. Jeremy ran upstairs and told me we just had an earthquake. I was like "What??!!!" LOL