Monday, May 14, 2007

New Rules For Nascar!!!

Well with how Hendrick keeps winning I have decided to change the rules in Nascar. So one new rule is whoever gets second place is declared the winner in my book. So the winner for yesterday's race is Denny Hamlin. Too bad it really could not work that way. Oh if you are wondering what happens if a Hendrick car also gets second, well third place is the winner. LOL!

Also I was thinking, what could Nascar do to make it a even playing field for other drivers? Well I decided they can trade pit crews every week. Now that would sort of be a difficult challenge of dealing with a pit crew you are not use to. Just a thought I had.

Still hoping we will see a new driver triumphant over Hendrick drivers.

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Racefan57 said...

The way NASCAR bends the rules I think your theory is perfect!!