Saturday, March 10, 2007

You Slay Me!!!!!!!!!

OK, when I am really annoyed at something, sometimes I will say "You Slay Me!" Well I have been slayed this morning. I got home this morning and wanted to check all my stuff out on Myspace. So anyways I tried to log in and it said that I could not log in and they were trying to fix the problem. Well, I was like OK, so I decided to take my dog for a walk and try when I got back. I get back and try to log in again and still they say the same thing. But this time I read the whole statement and they say, we will be back shortly. What is shortly to Myspace???? Because to me, shortly is half an hour or an hour, not over that amount of time. Myspace get your act together, I mean if it is a lot of people on Myspace and that is the reason why the lines are jammed, then delete the people who don't use their accounts but once a year. Also get rid of the guys who just get Myspace to talk to little kids and do bad things to them. Don't make the good people of Myspace have to suffer.


Anonymous said...

I told you they were EVIILLLL! LOL

racefan57 said...

Nice blog site... yeah MY Space is a pain!!